Living in a Land - Sean Ashton


This book appears on the occasion of the exhibition The Mutes by Lina Lapelytè at Lafayette Anticipations from June 23 to July 24, 2022 .

Living in a Land is an ambivalent self-portrait in which the narrator describes what he has never done, no longer does or will never do. These poetic texts appeal to our memories, our desires and our regrets.

‘Sean Ashton’s Living in a Land takes the old adage that we could define ourselves by what we are not for a new ride. Each sentence of the novel offers personal and social insights through the negative—a concept that allows Ashton to flood us with Proustian details and a dizzying imagination of unexpected confessions: “I have never stinted on the garlic, or gone too far on the nutmeg…” Readers will feel invited, even compelled, to respond: Me too! Never!’

Robert Fitterman


Number of pages: 148
Format: 16 cm x 11 cm
Author: Sean Ashton
Lafayette Anticipations
Print: Scantech Great Britain
Design: Samii Jalili
Release date: July 2022
Language: English