The Center cannot hold


Book published on the occasion of the exhibition "The Center can not hold" at Lafayette Anticipations, from June 20 to September 9, 2018.

Conceived as an original commission, like the twelve works produced for the exhibition The Center Cannot Hold, this eponymous book is both the catalog and a unique editorial experiment. Entirely printed with a duplicator, on the very site of the exhibition, throughout the summer of 2018, it reproduces not only the images of the works themselves, but also the highlights, meetings with artists, invitations from curators, personalities who accompanied each of the artistic productions. A collective work par excellence, Le Centre ne peut tenir brings together some fifteen original texts that extend the exhibition, digging deeper into the questions raised by the artists. Their works testify to a subtle and non-binary clairvoyance in considering the cultural, social or political categorizations of today's worlds. The book also includes a large number of four-color plates, a technical feat rarely achieved in risography.


Number of pages: 300
Format: 23x29 cm
Publisher: Lafayette Anticipations
Graphic studio: Catalogue Général
Publication date: November 2018
Language: French-English

ISBN: 978-2-9563032-3-7