Catalog - Wu Tsang

Book published on the occasion of the exhibition visionary company by the artist Wu Tsang at Lafayette Anticipations, from 21 October 2020 to 2 May 2021. This catalogue is the first one entirely devoted to Wu Tsang's latest work, The show is over, .

visionary company is an exhibition that brings together films, performances and sculptures produced by or in collaboration with the artist Wu Tsang. A filmmaker, director, visual artist and performer, her practice is deeply collaborative and most often associated with the performance group she co-founded with artist Tosh Basco in 2016, Moved by the Motion. A ""traveling group"" of multidisciplinary artists, it includes experimental cellist Patrick Belaga, dancer Josh Johnson, electronic musician Asma Maroof and poet Fred Moten.

Wu Tsang's award-winning films combine documentary and narrative techniques with fantastical detours. They focus on hidden histories and marginalized narratives. They also question the act of performing itself. Her projects re-imagine the multiple and shifting racialized and gendered representations we experience in society.

The visionary company exhibition proposes a journey of images, movements and sounds. Creating a dialogue between cinema and poetry, between permanent and ephemeral objects, the works that resonate with the central piece, The show is over, evoke motifs of transparency and opacity, important themes in Tsang's work.

The works manifest themselves in the form of mud and glass, as well as through non-communicative gestures and languages. They question the distinction between visible and visibility, and their intrinsic relationship with violence in its multiple forms; physical, metaphysical, structural and linguistic.
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