Bic Fake Semblant - Saâdane Afif

To inaugurate the launch of the Galeries Lafayette Corporate Foundation in 2013, Saâdane Afif diverted the emblematic BIC® 4 couleurs™.  

"Faux-semblant" ("False Pretence") is the last born of the pens created by Saâdane Afif: it looks in all respects to the traditional BIC® 4 couleurs™, except that each color does not offer the expected color.   

The artist is faithful to his artistic approach to seize the history of the ready-made and to question the uniqueness of the artwork. By diverting a famous object from the cultural history of the 20th century, Saâdane Afif is part of the history of art, which is also a history of color and line, questioning the artist’s place in society as well as in the genesis and production of works, is interested in the use value of artworks as well as objects, and obviously to their intrinsic poetry.
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